Lunar Odawa is the to go to child and adolescent therapist. She is a practicing psychologist and a certified life coach who specializes in individual, family, and group psychotherapy and coaching. With over 15 years of experience as a therapist, she also doubles up as a consultant trainer and psychology lecturer.

She is a certified life coach from Life forming Leadership coaching and holds and MA in counseling psychology from USIU. She is a certified NLP practitioner from the international NLP board and a certified Trainer of trainers (TOT) from ICPAK. Currently, she is an ongoing Doctoral student in clinical psychology in USIU (PsyD Clinical Psychology)/

Lunar is a member of SEP (Special education professionals) a group of professionals who work with children with special needs. She is also a member of online groups which support the wellness of young people; -Forum for the African child and crisis pregnancy caregivers. She is the founder of Njoo dada Trust which provides safety and psychosocial support for teen mothers in crisis. (

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